Of environmentalist Avon ladies or something. I think this is how Sadr got started:

Meet, no, not Al Gore, but Gary Dunham, 71, a grandfather from Texas who was the first of 1,000 Americans Gore trained to deliver his Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth slide show to schools, Rotary clubs and nursing homes around the nation.

Two weeks ago, the last 150 of this hand-picked crew arrived here — paying their own way for everything but food — to go through a two-day seminar starring Gore but effectively led by Dunham and a few other graduates of the former vice president’s global-warming boot camp.

To date, The Climate Project has drawn everyone from Wal-Mart workers to Cameron Diaz. And though the 1,000 mark has been reached, “we keep hearing whispers that (Gore) might do more,” project director Jenny Clad says. “I wouldn’t call this final.”

Smart move. If Gore’s serious about spreading his gospel, he’ll do whatever he needs to do to remove himself from the equation. Conservatives dislike him viscerally, myself not excepted. Decouple him from the science and the science stands a chance at a fair hearing.

Lots of anecdotal stupidity at the link about Eagles linebacker Dhani Jones watching “An Inconvenient Truth” to psych himself up before night games and how Chevy Chase is “really upset” about global warming, according to his wife. Exit question confession: Much to my chagrin, I suddenly find myself excited about Live Earth.

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