Not sure when this is from. 1994, if I had to guess, given that that’s when he was flirting with the libertarian position on this issue in interviews. It was posted by a YT user called “ArthurBranch77”. What are the odds that this would be the very first video he’s ever uploaded?

He does a little federalist softshoe number during the first half of the clip, which I find appealing but which some of our commenters might not. That’s actually the stance most anti-Roe Supreme Court justices have taken — not that all laws permitting abortion should be deemed unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment but that each state should be free to decide whether to criminalize the procedure or not. (In fact, Connecticut passed a law a few years ago formally permitting abortions just in case the Court ever does get around to overturning Roe.)

So far, so good. It’s the second half of the clip you’re watching for, where it sounds like he’s saying that if Roe were overturned, Tennessee shouldn’t outlaw abortion. Rather, they should take a sort of Giuliani approach — hate hate hatin’ the daylights out of it but letting women have it if they so choose. Hey, it works for Mexico.

I don’t expect this will cause him any problems given his solidly pro-life Senate voting record and the fact that, as the anointed party savior, he’s bulletproof. Besides, he’s still no further to the left on this issue than any other leading Republican.

Speaking of which, Rudy sounds desperate. Can he hear Fred’s footsteps?