My favorite part is where she warns us that all human life is precious immediately after demanding withdrawal from Iraq so that the carnage will end “for our brothers and sisters.” Either she’s awfully naive about the consequences of a pullout or else I guess Iraqis somehow missed sign-up day for the brotherhood of man. It’s also not clear where she wants to take the analogy. Is it another in the long line of leftist Bush-assassination fantasies, per the millions of people who’ve been wishing this week they were there in the classroom with their weapon cocked when Cho opened the door? Or does she simply mean someone should have intervened when Bush was younger to get him the “help” he needs? Bad news, if so — she’s got some famously funny ideas about what constitutes “help.”

From accounts of George Bush’ early life (Bush on the Couch, Dr. Justin Frank) from thinking it was funny to put firecrackers in the anus’ of frogs and blowing them up to burning pledges to his fraternity with cigarettes and his alcohol and cocaine abuse…we, as a nation, should have seen his mass murderous tendencies coming from leagues away. Instead we rolled over and played apathetic when he was unconstitutionally selected by the Supreme Court as President in 2000. He gleefully made fun of people he was about to execute as governor of Texas , and he and Al (“I don’t recall”) Gonzales never had an ounce of compassion for a single soul condemned to death…

We, as a nation, were rightly shocked, saddened and repulsed by the murders of 33 students and faculty at Virginia Tech. My heart grieves with the friends and families of the fallen. I know what a ghastly path they have been forced to step off on by a maniac who unthinkably had easy access to weapons of limited (but infinite) destruction.

Another sociopathic killer with inexplicable and unconstrained access to the planet’s most deadly arsenal, George Bush, has condemned 100 times 33 of our nation’s bravest and brightest to death and most people walk around indifferent to the fact that our White House is inhabited by a serial killer of historic proportions.

This is cute, too. Betcha didn’t know that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton traveled alone in unarmored convertibles:

I was in DC this past week when George’s bullet proof entourage (he always travels like he is outside the Green Zone in Iraq—how sad to have so many enemies you have to be put in a prison of your own making) hurried down to Blacksburg to participate in memorial services for the slain—yet, he has not attended one service for one of his murder victims in Iraq.

Elsewhere in VTech news, Slate offers helpful tips on what to do if you ever find yourself in a VTech situation and lack the natural combat instinct and steely nerve of Mark Steyn or John Derbyshire. Desk-throwing seems like a particularly good idea. As for that stone memorial that someone created for Cho on the VTech campus, someone else decided to correct the situation with a little direct action.

Here’s a photo of that banner about VTech that’s hanging outside Baghdad Technology University that I posted about yesterday. (Thanks to Bill Amos.) Oddly enough, the students there seem to think Al Qaeda, not Bush, is the proper analog for Cho Seung-Hui. But then, they lack Mother Sheehan’s absolute moral authority.