I’m honestly curious what Arianna was thinking here. Did she really believe Republicans would subject themselves to a forum on the most loathsomely bottom-feeding major left-wing blog on the ‘Net, dKos not excepted? Where the comments on threads about Republican politicians with health problems need to be closed preemptively to prevent the inevitable flood of death wishes? After Silky Pony et al. have already set a precedent for boycotting forums considerably less hostile than this one?

Either she knew they’d decline but wanted to force their hand to re-balance the scales of rejectionist pols or else she accepted it as a test of her own charm and clout to see if she could make it happen through the sheer strength of her shmooze power.

McCain and Romney are already out so I hope for her sake it’s not the latter.

Exit question one: Will Fred! accept the invitation as a test of his own charm and mettle? Exit question two: If he does, what will the ratio of Truther-related to non-Truther-related questions be?