Looks like a slow news day. Might as well see if we can get a 500-comment thread going.

Tough questions. Luckily, the world didn’t end so God’s off the hook:

Through it all, [Pastor Tommy] McDearis told his congregation Sunday morning, he struggled to control his emotions — to understand how God could let something so vile happen to so many good people.

“I was sitting at the Inn at Virginia Tech, waiting for the next broken family to come in, and a woman pulled my badge … and said, you know it seems like God could have done better,” McDearis said. “I wanted to be able to argue with that woman. But the truth of the matter was that I knew just what that woman was feeling.” [Me too. — ed.]

At the Blacksburg Presbyterian Church, Associate Pastor Susan Verbrugge told her congregation that she too was having a hard time dealing with the shootings. During a recent morning walk, Verbrugge said, she stopped on a hill overlooking a normally stunning city skyline. Everything looked gray.

“I didn’t see anything beautiful,” she said. “My heart had been numb since Monday.”

She screamed into the wind at God: “This is your world, so do something about it!”

That moment, she noticed woodpeckers, and saw beauty again. She realized that the world would mend, and that “God started with my heart.”

Great news for her heart, not so great for Liviu Librescu and Ryan Clark. Meanwhile, another VTech student died this weekend when his car flipped over. He had come home to be with his family after the massacre on Monday.

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