I guess they wanted to make sure Rich Little’s not the only underwhelming act in the room.

Actually, given all the abuse Little has taken lately from the nutroots for being a “safe,” apolitical alternative to Colbert’s bomb-throwing last year, I’ve got a theory that he’s going to cross everyone up and come out swinging at Bush. Why wouldn’t he? He’s been off the map for years. If he unloads on the Chimperor, he’ll be an instant left-wing hearthrob. It’s not like he doesn’t have it in him.

We’ll see Saturday night. In the meantime, here’s a little late Friday afternoon video for you. The second clip is the highlight, but you won’t get the joke unless you watch a good 60 to 90 seconds of the first.

Just think, someday that poor girl’s going to look back and realize she reacted to Sanjaya the way girls of the early ’60s reacted to the Beatles.

And she’ll hate herself for it.