The non-VTech news is slow so let’s piggyback on Drudge. It’s obvious that this is less an example of Maverick’s vaunted “straight talk” than him just being playful on the spur of the moment. Even if so, joking about bombing Iran certainly won’t hurt his standing with the base, to whom he needs to feed a lot more red meat if he wants the nomination. He’s already starting to do that; the trick is to not alienate the centrists and leftists who admire him in the process. Alas for him, he’s starting to do that, too:

McCain … has become significantly less acceptable as a general-election candidate. A year ago, 28 percent of Americans said they “definitely would not vote” for him if he were to become the Republican nominee; in this poll, that number soared to 47 percent.

Three clips here. First, his latest smash single:

Second, from SNL, his greatest hits:

And finally, his campaign’s new pre-announcement ad. I don’t get the playing-card motif, but it’s slick and jazzy. I dig it.

Update: Ace just IM’d me with the solution to the playing-card mystery.