Does anyone think Cowell was rolling his eyes about what happened at VTech instead of at the singer’s transparent invocation of it to deflect criticism? Anyone? Like K-Lo says, which of them really comes off worse here?

I await the inevitable calls for Cowell to be fired, to be shortly followed by national healing sessions led by billionaire pseudotherapist Oprah Winfrey and a six-figure book deal for heartbroken victim Chris Richardson.

Update: And of course a speech from Barack Obama connecting the incident to whatever other news item he’s trying to demagogue that week.

Update: Oh, for god’s sake.

Nigel Lythgoe, Executive Producer of IDOL, releases a statement exclusively to the DRUDGE REPORT:

“This is a sad time for everyone, so it is especially disheartening that a quick camera cutaway could have been misinterpreted. We’re sorry for any grief caused by this misunderstanding, but Simon was not reacting to Chris at that point. He had turned to speak to Paula and didn’t actually hear Chris’ final comments.

Update: Cowell says he wasn’t listening at the time.

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