I’m shocked — shocked that a liberal wants to change the Constitution through the proper channels rather than by encouraging Anthony Kennedy to keep “growing in office.”

I salute you, principled gun-grabber Tommy Denton!

[T]he Founders may have left a mess that they could not foresee — the proliferation within civil society of an evolving technology whose destructive firepower would be unimaginable until more than a century later.

Yet we should like to think they would be pleased by the agonizing, good-faith struggle of succeeding generations to honor the constitutional rule of law. That balance has been attempted despite its often deadly cost exacted because of the inherent tension between modern society’s general desire to protect public safety and an enduring, less-widely-held paranoia rooted in fear — of crime, of tyranny, of evil generally — and exploited for political, ideological and commercial purposes…

The Founders wrote what they wrote, but they wrote for a century and a nation for which the Second Amendment no longer is appropriate. Yet we should adhere faithfully to the letter and spirit of the Constitution: Quixotic as it may be right now, I propose that we begin thinking about invoking the Constitution’s Article V and repeal the Second Amendment.

Gallup’s expecting a blip similar to the one that followed Columbine, but historically Congress hasn’t been able to turn that sort of thing into laws that make much difference to massacres like this.

Ron Paul’s got a different idea.

Update: Hey, it’s worked before.

Update: Ace caught this live on CNN as it happened and was shocked enough to IM me about it. I’m gobsmacked by the non-vileness.