It’s Sgt. Sanick De La Cruz, who had been charged with one count of premeditated murder and now isn’t charged with anything. According to a WaPo article from January, De La Cruz wasn’t even part of the house-clearing team led by Frank Wuterich that killed most of the Iraqis that day. He was with a separate team that entered houses on the north side of the road and arrested several Iraqis without incident. Which makes me wonder if that murder charge against him wasn’t filed as leverage for precisely this sort of deal.

You’re well advised to revisit this post, which highlights the more damning accusations leveled by De La Cruz against Wuterich, including/especially that he gunned down the Iraqi men from the taxi in cold blood and then urinated on one of the bodies.


Read through the WaPo article and you’ll see that De La Cruz also accuses Wuterich of asking him to lie about what the men in the taxi were doing when Wuterich fired on them. No wonder the prosecution wants him.