Lesley Stahl gets the get. No bombshells, unless you count Crystal Mangum showing up to an interview with the state AG’s people last week apparently drunk or stoned and asking them to press ahead with the case. Still worth watching, though, to see the relief on the kids’ faces and hear them describe firsthand how Nifong refused to so much as look at the exculpatory evidence they offered him. Takeaway quote #1 from AG Roy Cooper, describing the shoddiness of Nifong’s case: “It was much worse than we thought.” Takeaway quote #2 from Stahl herself, unable to muster a shred of anger towards vicious/unstable/vicious and unstable liar Mangum: “I feel a sense of sadness.”

Cooper says he won’t be filing charges against her, naturally, lest the prosecution of one of society’s Victims exacerbate racial tensions.

There isn’t much here either that explains what happened that night aside from a photo showing the allegedly freshly raped Mangum conspicuously smiling on the back porch. It falls to Newsweek to provide details, including the ironic fact that David Evans didn’t want to ask Mangum for his money back after she stopped performing for the team because he was afraid the guy who dropped her off would come back and kill them.

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