And dares to imply that illegal immigration might impose some sort of a cost on American taxpayers.

He’s a Republican, so this matters.

Rep. Don Brown, R-DeFuniak Springs, recently forwarded a cartoon from his state e-mail account to his colleagues that read: “Don’t forget to pay your taxes … 12 million illegal aliens are depending on you!”

Brown said Friday he meant the message as a joke, but it was met with a fierce reaction from many other lawmakers. He later sent a follow-up e-mail to apologize.

Brown still needs to make a public apology, said Rep. Juan Carlos “J.C.” Planas, a Miami Republican and member of the Hispanic caucus.

“I think he has to specifically state that he understands now that that term, illegal alien, is extremely insulting to many individuals, and I think there has to be something a little bit more public and a little bit more contrite in his apology,” Planas said.

Brown said he’s finished with the issue.

“People were offended by it and I have apologized to those who were offended by it,” Brown said. “As far as I’m concerned, I’m done. Now if they want to elevate it to an entire new debate about illegal aliens, then we can have that debate.”

Terry Moran’s already planning a post on how this is worse than falsely accusing someone of rape.

According to the Times, the Tanc earned some of the biggest applause last night in Iowa at the big GOP presidential meet-up when he vowed never to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. Hmmm.

Exit question: Another reason to build the fence?