While carefully emphasizing, of course, that there are a thousand other names she can and should be called. He’s apparently going to reiterate the point tonight on “Countdown,” doubtless within the context of listing some of those choicer adjectives he has in mind. We probably won’t have video.

Feeble expression of basic human decency or cynical maneuver to clean his own dirty, dirty hands before the right tries to parlay Imus fever into a full-bore attack on him? Johnny Dollar has no doubt which it is. Neither do I, really, although leftist expressions of humanity towards Michelle in any form and however motivated are so vanishingly rare that I’m reluctant to greet them with slaps.

I suspect the boss does not share my reluctance and will have something to say about this later. In the meantime, your exit question: Does Olby sincerely not understand that having sexist insults lobbed at her that she’s heard 500,000 times before isn’t remotely as vicious or insulting as blaming her for crimes committed by some degenerate who digs her writing?

Update: Context.