I’m happy to be wrong about this one. Like I said yesterday, it sounds like Hoyer did a reasonably stand-up job dealing with the cretin he met with. What he thought he would accomplish by meeting with him in the first place is a separate and unanswerable question.

The Muslim Brotherhood has denied an Egyptian newspaper report saying that a visiting delegation led by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer had invited members of the radical Islamist group to visit the U.S. Congress.

“These reports are totally groundless,” Muslim Brotherhood executive bureau member Mohamed Mursi said in a statement posted on the organization’s website.

Mursi said the group’s stance on dialogue with any foreign official was that “this dialogue should be held through sound diplomatic methods in the presence of a representative from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.”…

Hoyer spokeswoman Stacey Bernards on Friday denied the al-Mesryoon report, saying she had “no knowledge of any invitation to members of the Muslim Brotherhood” and that she believed the report to be incorrect.

An Egyptian blogger calling himself Goha the Simple expressed doubts about the veracity of the al-Mesryoon report, saying it was “almost certainly a fantasy.”

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