The news is runnin’ like molasses today so we may have to go to the all-video format. I held off on posting this because the film came out last year, but See-Dub tells me that that was just a few festivals; it’s scheduled for (limited) release in the U.S. next month, which I guess makes it newsy enough to warrant a post.

From the looks of it, the working title must have been “Wingnut: The Movie.” The left loves to pretend its blithe ignorance of the threat is actually a manifestation of courage and composure, such that the flip side is and can only be a barking lunatic breaking into Arabs’ apartments to look for bombs. But here’s a surprise: I snuck a peek at a few reviews and there’s apparently a twist at the end. What do you suppose it is? The obvious possibility is that the next-door neighbor really is a terrorist, but it can’t be that; there’s no way they’re going to validate the Chimp-hitler’s war of oily aggression by implication. I figure it must be that the neighbor is with the FBI and working undercover to bust jihadis and the protagonist has unwittingly stumbled onto his sting. That would also point the finger at Muslim terrorists, of course, but since the neighbor’s also a Muslim and one of the good guys, it’s a wash.

Anyway, here you go. Nice touch with the Chimpy voiceover.