He deeply regrets any “judgments that ultimately proved to be incorrect,” like, oh, conspiring to suppress exculpatory DNA evidence, making public comments about their guilt to anyone who’d listen, pursuing an indictment when he didn’t have a shred of credible evidence — judgment calls like that.

We all make mistakes.

Sue, boys. Sue like you mean it, sue like you want it, sue ’til you can’t sue no more. Then take the damages and buy an ad in every major paper in America listing the names of all the racist bottom-feeders in the media who demagogued you and are still demagoguing you even after you’ve been exonerated. Like, say, Terry Moran, who couldn’t resist minimizing the horror of being threatened with prison on a bogus rape charge by comparing it to Don Imus’s racist crack at the Rutgers team’s expense. As Ace says, there are victims and there are Victims and no amount of personal injustice visited upon the former can exceed any amount of social injustice suffered by the latter. By that logic, given how “privileged” high-paid white ABC anchormen are, should we shed any tears at all if Terry Moran were wrongly convicted of a violent felony he didn’t commit? We’re just balancing out the racial scales, after all. If the burden should happen to fall on TM, hey — that’s what you get for being “privileged.”

I’ve got a clip coming up from my favorite show that illustrates this in stunning detail, but in the meantime, sing along with Barack Obama’s pal: “Youza Hoooooo.”

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