Why not? They’re willing to meet with a fascist who’s destabilizing two pro-American governments; why wouldn’t they meet with some no-name Islamists from the Egyptian opposition? Who’s going to notice or object except the right-wing blogosphere and, if we’re lucky, Brit Hume? One wonders what the logic is here, though, since the left prides itself on its “realism,” and the “realistic” option in the case of Egypt is to follow the Saddam approach and keep propping up our strongman so he can keep putting down the fundamentalists. In a sense, there are no more passionate supporters of the Bush doctrine than the MB since they stand to benefit primarily from democratic elections. Have Pelosi and Hoyer come around to that position, or is this a “Mubarak’s your guy so they’ll be our guys” bit of playground nonsense? Do they have any idea at all what this organization is about and who some of its more prominent alumni are?

That said, it sounds from the transcript on the MB’s English website like Steny Hoyer did a decent job when he met with them. Here’s the money exchange. We’ll be reprinting this next month, rest assured, if the meeting of the minds happens in D.C.:

And what went on between you and the chair of the American congressional delegation in this encounter?

He wanted to continue the issue of Hamas that we discussed in the people’s assembly that morning, and he asked me of my reasons for supporting the Hamas movement despite the fact that it is a “terrorist organization” from his point of view. So I said to him that Hamas is a resistance movement defending itself from the terrorism of “Israel” that kills children and innocents, and that the ball is now in the United States’ court, especially after the flexibility the movement showed in the Mecca agreement and its acceptance of the principle of two states along the 1967 borders on the condition of the return of refugees. And the chair of the American delegation responded that the return of refugees means the disappearance of “Israel” from existence, so I said to him that is their problem. So he asked me, what is the solution? So I said to him: The solution is that the Jews should return to their original countries, return to the countries from which they came after the occupation of Palestine. And the argument continued between us around this issue, he defending the Zionist entity and me defending Hamas, until Dr. Kamal Abu al-Magd approached so I left, and we didn’t discuss anything other than this issue.

That’s a tidy microcosm of the complete futility of “engaging” degenerates like this. And yet the left’s going to go right on engaging them, aren’t they?

Follow the link to find out how unlikely it is that bloodshed would emerge among the peaceful, peaceful Muslims of Darfur without the Great Satan instigating it from afar. That point was explicitly made to Hoyer’s delegation, according to Mohammed Saad el-Katatni, the MB member interviewed for the piece. He stressed that they did a lot more listening than they did talking.