Admit it, you’re laughing at the “Mr. Bean” thing.

It’s okay. I am too.

A series of messages on forces’ websites ridiculed Arthur Batchelor and Faye Turney, who cashed in after being held prisoner for 13 days…

Seaman Batchelor’s claim that he cried himself to sleep after his Iranian captors likened him to the comedy character Mr Bean made him a laughing stock.

One serving soldier posted: “Batchelor didn’t do the reputation of servicemen much good either! Being broken by being called Mr Bean FFS! – that must be on a par with Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition and the comfy cushions.”

Comments left on unofficial forces’ websites, the Rum Ration and the British Army Rumour Service laid into Ms Turney and Mr Batchelor.

Another servicemen says of Mr Batchelor’s complaint that his iPod was stolen by the Iranians: “What I wish to know is why a young lad on a boarding party detail needed to take his iPod? If he listened to The Ride of the Valkyries as he sped towards the target ship, what did he listen to on his trip to Iran?”

It goes on and on. Rest assured, if there’s video somewhere in Tehran of them calling him “Mr. Bean,” it’ll surface. And rest equally assured that when it does, it’s going viral.

Exit question: If the ridicule gets worse, will a mother hug from “Topsy” make it all better?


Update: With thanks to “Alex,” skip ahead to about 3:00. I guess that mother hug won’t be necessary, eh?