Hear him now and believe him later.

“Bodybuilding used to have a very sketchy image,” the former bodybuilding champion told an environmental forum at Georgetown University. “… It had fanatics and it had weird people. …But we changed that. … It became sexy, attractive.”

“Like bodybuilders, environmentalists were thought of as kind of weird and fanatics also, you know, the serious tree huggers,” Schwarzenegger said…

“We have to make it mainstream, we have to make it sexy, we have to make it attractive so that everyone wants to participate,” Schwarzenegger said…

“Your political base will melt away as surely as the polar ice caps,” he said. “… You will become a political penguin on a smaller and smaller ice floe that is drifting out to sea. Goodbye, my little friend! That’s what’s going to happen.”

Exit question command one: Name that drug! Exit question two: Is this his way of telling greens to ose-lay the oracle-gay? Because if not, then, um, I don’t think this strategy’s going to fly.