This is the same guy who admitted yesterday to getting a “mother hug” in an Iranian prison from Faye Turney.

It’s basically a reality show now, and I’m letting you all know: he’s my favorite character.

Before their release the Brits were given shabby grey three-piece suits made by a local designer and a fake Hugo Boss shirt.

They also got a “granny bag” full of tat including toffees with a label saying “containing pistachio”, a CD and DVD that don’t work and 11 books.

These were in English and mostly aimed at trying to convert the reader to Islam with titles like Youth and Morals by Sayid Lari.

Arthur said of the gifts: “They’re a bit pathetic. I don’t know what they’re trying to prove by giving us books on morality and their religion. My morals are fine, thank you very much. And those suits were an insult. Not only did mine not fit, but it was cheap and tacky and the Hugo Boss shirt was a fake. I could pick up a better outfit at a jumble sale.””

I love that he’s miffed by the quality of the props they used in turning him into a propaganda tool. Like, if it had been a real Hugo Boss shirt, would that have “softened the blow”?

Here’s the real heart-ache:

When they were first captured by the Revolutionary Guards the crew were searched and all their belongings were seized. Among the kit stolen was Arthur’s iPod, a going away gift from girlfriend Steph Nethercott.

Arthur said: “The iPod was really special to me as it was a gift. It had our song on, Hold Me Tonight by Angel One, which was one of the tunes playing when we first met.

Iran’s planning a full-length documentary on the glorious operations against the Zionist 15. Will the purloined iPod have a cameo? Stay tuned!

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