Right before Bernard McGuirk chimes in by describing the championship game as “jigaboos versus wannabes.” Click the image to watch.


The I-man’s a recovering substance abuser so he can’t even plead the Mel Gibson defense on this one. He can plead guilty to being a comedian, though, which is why he’ll end up getting more slack than, say, Bill Maher, who long ago traded his image as unfunny comic for his new image as unfunny left-wing ersatz Will Rogers. One halfhearted, pro forma apology on Monday’s show and he’ll be back to cracking “jokes” about “ragheads” in no time.

I know this is going to devolve instantly into yet another stupid “why can’t Coulter call Edwards a fag, then?” debate, but it’s Friday so have at it, I guess.

Update: That didn’t take long. Even more pro forma than anticipated!