I’m not sure I buy it. He said in 2004 that he envied the Madrid bombers suddenly does a 180 a year later when trains explode in London? After he’d publicly endorsed attacks on the UK a few years earlier? And if he’s on the level, why isn’t he in hiding?

Watch it, though. It packs a lot of insight for 11 minutes, especially what he says about the UK’s deal with the devil before 9/11 about letting extremists have the run of the land so long as they turned the jihad outward, away from Britain. They’ll be paying for that mistake for a long time. His fundraising strategy is interesting too, split between professional, “respectable” Muslims and scumbag drug dealers eager to purchase indulgences for their sins. Click the image to watch:


Here’s what’s happening right now in the Pakistani tribal areas where this guy used to send men and money:

Tribal leaders interviewed by TIME say they do not support the aims of the jihadists. But the Taliban’s campaign of fear has worn down local resistance. Malik Sher Muhammad Khan, a tribal elder from Wana, says, “The Taliban walk through the streets shouting that children shouldn’t go to school because they are learning modern subjects like math and science. But we want to be modern. It’s not just the girls. In my village, not a single person can even sign his name.” Khan estimates that only 5% of the inhabitants of Waziristan actively support the militants. Others benefit financially by providing services and renting land for training camps. The rest, he says, acquiesce out of fear. A few months ago, militants stormed his compound in retaliation for his outspoken criticism of their presence in the area. During the melee, a grenade killed his wife. “If I had weapons, maybe I could have saved her,” he says. “We have no way to make them leave.”