C-SPAN 3 will have both hearings, first the undercard at 9:30 before a House subcommittee on global warming and then the main event at 2:30 before the Senate Environment and Public Works committee, where he and crusty GW skeptic James Inhofe will finally square off. Neither my cable company nor Bryan’s carries C-SPAN 3, so we’re at the mercy of Fox and CNN. If you’re hot to watch, and no doubt some of you are, you can do so over the web. Keep us posted on the goings-on in the comments.

Here’s what to expect in the a.m.:

Gore begins the day in the House, where he will face Energy Chairman John D. Dingell, a Democrat from the auto-industry state of Michigan, who has resisted federal increases in fuel-efficiency standards. Dingell also invited Lomborg, a Danish political scientist and author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist,” who has argued that combating AIDS and poverty may carry a greater social value than tackling climate change.

Republicans have already signaled that they’ll be waiting with tough questions. Two senior GOP members, Rep. Joe L. Barton of Texas and former House speaker J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois, want Gore to use his 30-minute opening statement to address a comment last year that “it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations” in his lecture.

“What is your motive for the ‘over-representation?’ ” Barton and Hastert asked in a letter delivered to Gore on Tuesday. “Are you worried that your issue must compete for attention and resources with those other global issues that are already compelling and do not need Hollywood hyperbole?”

And here’s a taste of what he’ll face in the p.m. It’s Inhofe versus CNN anchor Miles O’Brien from last October. His press guy put out a statement last night essentially accusing Gore of thinking his shinola don’t stink, to coin a phrase. Should be fun.

Update: “Those who believe all his garbage are going to be excited to death and the rest of us are going to ignore it.”

Update: Fox is carrying it. The Gorebot is late to the hearing, reportedly because he doesn’t want to suffer the indignity of listening to the GOP’s opening statement. Republicans now say they’ll waive their opening statement — in return for five extra minutes of questioning.

Update: Inhofe’s press guy says the transcript of Gore’s prepared remarks was finally delivered to the Senate — at 9:29 a.m., fully one minute before the House hearing opened and 23 hours and 59 minutes after he’d promised to deliver them.

Update: Tonight he dines in hell!

Update: You think Inhofe is enjoying this or what?

“There are hundreds of thousands of people who adore you and would follow your example by reducing their energy usage if you did. Don’t give us the run-around on carbon offsets or the gimmicks the wealthy do,” Senator Inhofe told Gore.

“Are you willing to make a commitment here today by taking this pledge to consume no more energy for use in your residence than the average American household by one year from today?” Senator Inhofe asked…

Gore refused to take the pledge.


Update: Here’s a little post-pledge video that’s making the rounds.