Not for the whole estate, mind you. Just for the palatial, 10-room/6.5 bathroom/two garage 10,000-squre-foot manor house. The 15,000-square-foot “recreation building,” with its swimming pool, basketball and squash courts, bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchen is still under construction.

So, big difference.

The relevant bit comes at 2:40. I’m skeptical given the fact that I pay over $100 a month to keep my one-bedroom apartment bearably hot instead of unbearably, but then I’m in NYC and he’s in North Carolina and, after all, I’m not “carbon neutral.” I really do hope he’s telling the truth, though. If he’s lying then we get a scalp we don’t really need and he buys some bullshinola offsets from himself to atone and that’s that. But if he’s telling the truth, if it’s really possible to power a home that large so cheaply, then how much worse does this look for the Goracle?

Thanks to Michael S. for the tip. Click the image to watch.


Update: Red on red. Sweet.