If you’re looking for good news here, you’ll have to look hard. The only upbeat note is that that 59% is down from 66% last June. But the 66% in June was up from 61% in May. What caused the spike? The glowing media coverage attendant to the Senate debating and then passing its immigration bill on May 25th, probably. The more pap people are fed about the “undocumented” coming out of the shadows to do the jobs Americans won’t do, the more they support amnesty. The Senate’s due to take up the issue again soon, perhaps as early as next month, so the numbers are going to start climbing again. 59% is probably the basement.

Especially depressing: even among households that make less than $30,000 a year and thus stand to lose the most from competition with illegal labor, support for a path to citizenship is a robust 58%. Among Republicans, it’s a cool 50%.

On the up side, Bush finally found a job that’s more his speed. Thanks to Randy for the tip.


Update: On second thought, supporting a path to citizenship might not be in the worst interests of the poor. Once illegals are legals, they’ll demand the minimum wage, which will eliminate their competitive advantage over unskilled American laborers … while also generating demand for new illegal laborers who’ll work for three dollars an hour. Hence the GOP emphasis on sealing the border first and dealing with the people who are here second.

Update: There’s not a single compelling logical reason for this marriage to take place except that it grants the open-borders lobby some absolute moral authority by osmosis. Same as with PETA trying to piggyback on the global warming movement. There are certain orthodoxies to which every right-thinking leftist must hold, and thus it’s the goal of any special interest group whose pet issue isn’t so designated to make sure that it becomes so, even if only by association. Creepy.