I’m picturing an election ad with photos, names, and descriptions flashing by of the three CAIR officials convicted or deported for links to terrorism. Followed by this quote:

“It’s really disappointing,” said CAIR national communications director Ibrahim Hooper, that whenever there’s an attack from elective officials “we don’t even ask any more which party it is. It should be a concern to ordinary Republicans that the party is being viewed as a reservoir of anti-Muslim hate.”

It’ll never happen, though. For one thing, the attacks on CAIR are more bipartisan than Hooper would have us believe. And for another thing, er…

Still, it’s a bit of a dilemma for Madam Speaker. It was another Democrat, Rep. Bill Pascrell, who booked the room, which is assigned to the Ways and Means Committee; Pelosi’s office is claiming she has no authority over how it’s used, but I’m sure if she had a word with Pascrell he might “reconsider” his position.

Exit question: should we expect CAIR’s favorite congressman to intervene here or are his connections with the group something he’ll be keeping on the downlow from now on?