Mark my words, they’re going to write this into the show as a running gag and, just like that, an already bad idea will become simply insufferable.

Ancient carvings depicting the female form 15,000 years ago reveal that prehistoric women were revered for their curvaceous bodies and prominent buttocks…

Historians claim that the carvings – found at a site in Poland – reveal how curvy bottoms were regarded as the most attractive physical trait for women in Stone Age Europe…

Experts said a well-presented bottom was a sign of wealth, health and a good diet.

They also suggested she would be a successful mother, able to produce lots of children and sent out a message to other men that her partner was a strong and successful hunter – making him more attractive to other women.

Presumably the rapid (d)evolution towards slimmer forms is explained in terms of civilization = more food = less prestige for women with access to food + more concerns about curvy figures signalling bad health (i.e., obesity). Good news, though: if the global warming crowd is right, things should start breaking back in favor of the zaftig by around 2080.

As for the cavemen, tastes may change but objectification stays heart-achingly the same:

The flat carvings were fashioned out of flint, bone, ivory and tooth.

They depict the profile of women minus their heads – strongly suggesting that cavemen were more interested in the shape of the body than the way a female looked.

Exit question tangent: I’ve got nowhere else to put this, so here you go. Despair.