Thanks to a reader who tipped us to this. It just hit YouTube today courtesy of someone calling himself “richd2000”. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s the first video “rich” has ever posted.

It’s listed at YT as having aired in 1993, but that’s incorrect. It’s from his 1989 campaign and it raised eyebrows at the time because of the possible conflict of interest involved in Donna Hanover being an anchor on the local news.

It’ll raise eyebrows again now, but for a completely different reason.

Here’s related video that’s also old, albeit not as old as that first one. It’s from Monday’s Situation Room and it features our favorite curmudgeonly jackass reacting a little too strongly, snidely, and strangely — once again — to some person or event that he doesn’t think much of. The peg this time was Andrew Giuliani telling reporters he has “problems” with his father because of how he treated his mother. As most New Yorkers will remember, a seven-year-old Andrew famously mimicked Rudy’s gestures and acted up on the dais during Rudy’s inauguration speech in 1993; non-New Yorkers need to know that to understand what Cafferty’s talking about here.

Update: Meanwhile, James Dobson is paying some attention to a guy who’s — supposedly — not even running.

Update: Rudy being blasted by the International Association of Firefighters? Sure. Look who the union president’s campaigned for.