From last night’s show. Gratifying, yet not as gratifying as one might hope simply because it doesn’t rise to the level of viciousness Olbermann himself operates at. One of the reasons righties are disappointed in “The Half-Hour News Hour,” I think, is because they crave the kind of catharsis the left enjoys when watching Stewart and Colbert humiliate their opponents. Ace derides that as “clapper” humor, where the audience laughs and hoots to show its approval of the message, but it’s not as much of a pose as he suggests. They’re genuinely enjoying it, it’s just that it’s less for the funny than the bloodsport. THHNH would be worthy if it was cutting even if it wasn’t funny (i.e., if it was like Olbermann’s show), but it’s neither. It wields a butter knife.

Beck does better than that here, but he’s still carrying a blade to a bazooka fight. No matter. Olby’s ego can’t handle stuff like this, so I’m sure he’ll slag him back. Maybe then GB will break out the heavy artillery.