This jackass is obviously going for a performance art-ish moment of righteous rage but all he managed to do is creep me out. He’s not explicitly threatening her with violence, but the bit at the end about her trying to hide as the planet turns Asian is more than a little dicey coming as soon as it does after a reference to people being beaten with baseball bats.

Is that a common hate crime, by the way? Asians being pummelled by Louisville Sluggers while their assailants chant “ching chong”? Either I missed that epidemic or this tool’s straining awfully hard for victimhood.

For the record, here’s how he responded in the sidebar at YouTube after commenters called him on his little revenge fantasy:

5) i am not threatening that asians will punish all the non-asians in the future. i am implying that the population of the world is predominantly asian, and that just because in one context she does not interact with asians, doesn’t mean that a context will not occur in which she will have asians in her life.

Judge for yourself. Thanks to Texas Rainmaker for the tip.

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