I’ve seen movies based on this concept. Ahmadinejad wouldn’t dig them.

Or, you know, maybe he’d dig them a lot. Terrorists are nothing if not unpredictable.

Here’s the logical outcome of Islamists trying to reconcile their chastity-belt misogyny with the concept of sun, surf, and fun:

Iran is seeking to create a paradise for female tourists by turning an island on a northwestern lake into male-free zone, the press reported on Wednesday.

All public transport, restaurants and facilities on the island — on the gigantic Oroumiyeh lake close to the Turkish border — will be staffed only by women, officials said…

Iran’s Islamic codes strictly prohibit exposure of unveiled women to men.

Iran has already partitioned parts of its southern and northern beaches as women-only zones where women can legally remove their headscarves and overcoats in freedom.

In some cities, there are also special “women parks”.

Exit question: Isn’t there another, more efficient solution to this “problem”?