Cell phone video, but it’s the audio we care about. The Freepers have been sniffing around for signs of jihad ever since it was revealed that the killer was Muslim. A few of them think they’ve found it here. Skip ahead to 1:25; you’ll hear two gunshots at 1:28, followed by a few seconds of cops shouting and then, at 1:39, what some claim sounds like “Allahu Akbar” three times. For all I know it’s Bosnian profanity, but judge for yourself.

Update: The FBI said today it has no evidence of a “political” motive.

Update: Tanya thinks it’s a cop shouting “come on up,” which would make sense given how close the voice sounds and the proximity of the cops to the cell phone.

Update: Charles Johnson e-mails to say he’d bet his life that it’s not “Allahu Akbar.”