Every crime has a motive. Thomas Sowell supplies one here:

Let us go back to square one. Where was Nifong before this case came along?

He had worked in the district attorney’s office for years and was appointed interim district attorney himself only after the previous district attorney left to become a judge. Now Nifong faced a tough election against a woman he had once fired and who would undoubtedly fire him if she became district attorney.

Where would that leave Nifong? Out on the street at an age when most people are not likely to be starting a new career. His pension as well as his job could be in jeopardy. Moreover, his opponent was favored to win the election.

Then along came the Duke University “rape” case, like a deliverance from heaven…

It was not a question of winning the case. It was a question of winning the election.

He was sworn in this morning … in a ceremony closed to the public. Mary K’s pops was on the scene, camcorder in hand, for the press conference that followed. Click the image to watch. He says if they get to the point where his presence is a “hindrance,” he’ll deal with it then. I thought maybe we crossed that bridge when the state bar filed an ethics complaint against him, but then, I’m an ex-lawyer. What would I know?

As for what he could do to help the “healing process” along, how about resigning and surrendering his law license for starters?