Not only that, but according to Debka, U.S. Special Forces are on the ground hunting down the three embassy-bombing suspects who are presumed to be with them. Plus, the khat is back.

It’s the feelgood story of the year.

Ethiopian troops will stay in Somalia for another few weeks to help the victorious government pacify the Horn of Africa nation after a two-week war to oust militant Islamists, Addis Ababa said on Tuesday.

Tightening the net on defeated Somali Islamic Courts Council (SICC) fighters fleeing south, neighboring Kenya said it had sealed its long and porous northeastern border…

Residents say some Islamist fighters have re-grouped in the hilly Buur Gaabo region, just on the Somali side of the border…

Warships from the Djibouti-based U.S. counterterrorism Joint Task Force were patrolling the sea off Somalia to stop SICC leaders or foreign militant supporters escaping, diplomats said.

The one dark spot? The government has offered amnesty to Somalian (but not foreign) jihadists.

Exit question: Should we worry that the new Interior Minister is the son of Mohamed Farah “Black Hawk Down” Aideed?