The Daily News calls it “potentially disastrous,” but the political and personal weak points it identifies are well known and most of the document apparently deals with fundraising, not strategy. They got it, so they say, from a “source sympathetic to one of Giuliani’s rivals for the White House,” who claims it was accidentally left behind at a campaign stop Rudy made on behalf of a Republican candidate in November. Whether that’s true and someone was careless or whether someone on the inside is disgruntled and handed it off, it ain’t good.

This is worrisome:

Some of the leading figures in American business and finance appear as the “prospective leadership” of Giuliani’s campaign, and their names appear elsewhere with instructions for Giuliani to call and seek their support. Two of the top figures on Giuliani’s list, New Jersey mega-fund-raisers Lew Eisenberg and Larry Bathgate, have already signed on with McCain, as has another Giuliani target, FedEx CEO Fred Smith.

In a memo that appears in the dossier, Giuliani aides Dickerson and Roy Bailey urge him to court financier Henry Kravis particularly avidly.

“You need him to be a Wall Street industry leader,” the memo says.

McCain announced Kravis’ support last month.

He’s going to follow the Bush-Cheney fundraising blueprint, but with a twist — instead of the heartland, he’s targeting the big blue state of California. Expect McCain, who needs to (re)establish his social con bona fides, to hit Rudy especially hard on that.

Update: AFP reports on the Daily News story: “Former New York mayor and 2008 presidential hopeful Rudolph Giuliani left detailed plans of his proposed bid for the White House in a hotel room, a tabloid reported.” I don’t see anything about a hotel room in the DN piece and certainly nothing that indicates it was Giuliani himself who was responsible. Did I miss something?