What’s wrong with this picture? Ragnar knows.


He’s also got analysis on SPIKE missiles and what they do — and don’t do — to vehicles they hit.

Even if these relatively small missiles were used, and the missiles’ warhesds didn’t detonate, there would still be approximately 70 pounds of mass striking the ambulances, and then the pavement underneath, at a velocity of over five hundred miles per hour.

Now, granted, this isn’t as much kinetic energy as a Hellfire missile, not to mention a Maverick, but it’s still a heck of a lot of energy. Roughly the amount of energy in a 3,000 lb. sedan traveling at 70 mph, if I didn’t screw up my calculations. Folks, that kind of energy doesn’t just disappear into thin air when it hits the ground. It goes places. It does things. Violent things.

I sent an e-mail to The Age newspaper in Australia yesterday asking them to put me in touch with Sarah Smiles. I want to know if she saw any holes in the floors of the ambulances when she re-investigated the incident in September.