The View’s in re-runs but I bet Barbara will have gagged her on this topic when they come back. So henceforth, it’ll be playing out on Rosie’s blog.

The first salvo was fired last night.

beauty pageants
where women were paraded around
judged valuable or not
by old white men

it is always old white men

a young girl in nyc
meets a pimp
he cons her into a life of illusion
she works for him

no fun – no f___ing – no future
she is owned
when she sneaks out –
to party the night away
he freaks

he roughs her up a bit
shames her in front of the others
teaches her to behave
for his own benefit

Trump responded this morning to the New York Post, in prose:

“Rosie got mentally beaten up by me,” Trump told The Post yesterday, “because she’s a mental midget, a low-life.

“I think she’s got a death wish.”

“It’s too bad a degenerate is able to get away with things like that,” Trump said yesterday.

Now I’m going to send you over to TMZ, just for the photo.

Update: He called in to Fox at around 1 p.m. to respond to the pimp stuff. Just wait ’til you hear the stuff about the girlfriend. Not only did I laugh out loud, you can actually hear some of the Fox staffers laughing in the background if you listen closely. The greatest show on earth:

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