It’s not about Iraq. It never was.

While a French foreign intelligence service official notes that they are not aware of any specific plots or targets, they are increasing their alert status due to an increasing amount of chatter and information that is emanating from Pakistan and Afghanistan…

The official said “dozens” of Westerners have been trained in North Waziristan and Afghanistan in the past eight months alone and that some have already returned to the West. Most of them were British citizens, said the official, but he added there were some Americans and even a few Frenchmen who, he said, are still being trained.

Based on these pieces of intelligence as well as information shared by the CIA, the French foreign intelligence service thinks that an attack on French soil will be coming in the next few weeks or months.

However, this worry is not shared by any other anti-terrorism police units, which report that “everything is quiet.”

Zawahiri’s threatened them twice in the past three months, first in September when he announced an alliance with Algeria’s Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) and again last week when, in a master stroke of jihadi logic, he prayed for the defeat of “the Crusaders and secularist sons of France.”

The GSPC mean business.

The head of France’s interior ministry terror unit says that three terrorist attacks have been scuppered by his department in the past 18 months. Targets are reported to have included the Paris Metro underground network and Orly, one of Paris’ two major airports…

Senior security forces sources believe jihadi terrorists with experience of fighting western forces in Iraq have been involved in the plots. They follow an Algerian terror group which considers Paris its major target joining forces with international al-Qaeda elements who have declared war on “Crusaders” whether American, British or French. France’s banning of the Islamic headscarf in schools is thought to have added to anti-French feeling among Islamists (a senior Iranian cleric also issued a fatwa against France when the ban came into law)…

76 people have been arrested since June 2005 in connection with GSPC plots.