Our pal kasper kasper carved out a little time from his holiday celebration this afternoon to gift us with this, which ran opposite Queen Elizabeth’s traditional Christmas message at 3 p.m. London time. There’s been buzz about it for weeks, starting on December 5 when Channel 4 first announced that a Muslim woman wearing the niqab would deliver this year’s message and cresting eleven days later, when she dropped out due to threats from non-Muslims and pressure from Muslim community leaders, who allegedly told her it “wasn’t her place” to speak publicly about Islam. That woman’s name was Khadija — the same as this woman’s. Perhaps she changed her mind again and decided to appear. Or had her mind changed for her.

Her message: peace on earth, goodwill to men, and shame on the British media for failing to distinguish between Muslims and radical Muslims — followed shortly by her wish that the British army stops killing “Muslims” in Afghanistan. “Muslims” … like this guy?

Great-granddaughter of a suffragette. Now she wears the facial equivalent of a chastity belt. Somewhere Theodore Dalrymple is smiling. Grimly.

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