Something light for Christmas. In honor of Mahdi’s latest pronunciamento.

Anyone here seen “Threads”? I stumbled across a webpage about it last night, was engrossed by the details, and ended up watching a good 45 minutes of it on Google Vid. It’s the British answer to “The Day After” and clearly superior in my opinion, mainly because (a) Steve Guttenberg’s not in it, and (b) it telescopes out to look at the long-term aftermath, not just the immediate devastation. The bomb won’t bring us back to the stone age, it turns out. Just the middle ages.

Here are the attack sequences from the two films, beginning with “The Day After.” It’s more spectacular than “Threads” (the amazing mushroom cloud effects were created by firing ink and paint at high speed into a vat of vegetable oil), but what “Threads” lacks in pop it makes up for in poetry. The melting milk bottles, in particular, are justly famous. But then, I’m a sucker for impressionism.