Really? Bigger than a regime that inflicted 43,000 deaths on his own city and pioneered death factories for quick-n-easy genocide?

I appreciate the need to impress upon people the seriousness of the threat, but this comparison does neither him nor us any favors. At least at this point.

Better make sure we win in Iraq, though, or the analogy’s liable to become a bit more apt:

The CIA this month conducted a simulation of how the Iraq war affects the global jihadist movement, and one conclusion was that a U.S. loss would embolden al Qaeda to expand its ranks of terrorists as well as pick new strategic targets, according to sources familiar with the two-day exercise…

The CIA-sponsored simulation predicts that al Qaeda will view a U.S. defeat in Iraq as another jihadist victory over a superpower and one that will bring it even more terrorist recruits.

“When we did the simulation, the ramifications were enormous,” said the source, who asked not to be named. The source said al Qaeda will proclaim, “God has given us a second victory over a superpower.

“Imagine what defeat in Iraq would do,” said the source. “Al Qaeda picks new targets after it thinks it’s won.”

The source isn’t named so it could be someone who’s in the tank for Bush. And we all know how many of those there are in the CIA.