Oddly, he didn’t appear to be drunk when he said it.

Asked Friday if he was anti-Semitic, Irving said: “No, I like to think I am not.”

But then he said: “In many respects Mel Gibson was right.”

“They (Jews) should ask themselves the question, ‘Why have they been so hated for 3,000 years that there has been pogrom after pogrom in country after country?’ and it’s the one question they seem to be very shy of,” Irving said…

He said sales from his book on World War II German Gen. Erwin Rommel enabled him to walk into a car showroom with a paper bag stuffed with cash to buy a “(racial slur) brown” Rolls-Royce.

“(Racial slur)” could be a lot of different words. It could be — but wasn’t.

He just got out of the joint in Austria, where he’d been serving a three-year sentence for Holocaust denial. Had it come a few weeks earlier he could have attended the big Jew-hate confab in Tehran, no doubt with a hail-the-conquering-hero reception to greet him.

As it is, he’ll have to content himself with a banner headline on David Duke’s website heralding his release as “the first great result of the Holocaust Conference.” No link; find it yourself.