In remarks prepared for a speech last night to the Creative Coalition. Newsbusters has excerpts but they neglect to emphasize the one genuinely provocative wrinkle in what he said. Follow his logic — he’s got a laundry list of hawks he wants to discredit and he opts to do so by identifying their most embarrassing or unsavory feature. Anything jump out at you?

Who were those mothers and fathers believing in?! We know it’s not the administration alone, but a culture at large, cloaking itself in self-righteousness, religion, and adolescent hero-dreaming machismo. Would they have believed Rush Limbaugh if they’d known he was high as a kite on OxyContin? Would they have believed the factually impaired Bill O’Reilly if they knew he was massaging his rectum with a loofah while telephonically harassing a staffer? Hannity, had they known he was simply a whore to the cause of his pimps – Murdoch and Ailes? Or the little bow-tie putz, if they knew all he was seeking was a good laugh from Jon Stewart? Maybe our countrymen and women were listening to Ted Haggert [sic] while he was whiffing meth and boning a muscle-headed gigolo? Or Mark Foley seeking junior weenis? Joe Lieberman, sitting Shiva? And Toby Keith, singing about how big his boots are?

If you don’t see it on first pass, try reading it again in, oh, say, Mel Gibson’s voice.

Does Spicoli have a little problem with, um, “Zionists”?

Update: Semi-related — we’re about due for another apology on The View.

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