But those cowardly Americans called off the hit both times.

It must be true. It’s Reuters.

“In 2003 and 2004 we had bin Laden in our sights. The sniper said ‘I have bin Laden’,” an anonymous French soldier is quoted as saying…

Razavi said the soldier told them it took roughly two hours for the request to reach the U.S. officers who could authorize it but the anonymous man is also quoted in the documentary as saying: “There was a hesitation in command.”

Razavi told Reuters several sources told them the sightings were six months apart and they declined to be more specific.

French armed forces spokesman Christophe Prazuck said “that never happened” when asked about the bin Laden sightings.

On a serious note, Greg Tinti thinks we might have gotten a big break in the hunt for OBL today. He could very well be right.

Update: Ace says “waterboard him.” The Pakistani, I mean, not the French soldier. Although he should be probably be waterboarded too. Just because.