We found the WMDs.

The chief prosecutor in Saddam Hussein’s trial presented memos Monday from the ousted president’s office approving chemical attacks against Kurdish villages, the most serious evidence against him in his genocide trial.

Munqith al-Faroon showed the Iraqi court trying Saddam and six other former regime members about 25 documents, including some presidential letters instructing the army to use “special ammunition” — identified as “mustard gas” — to quell a Kurdish rebellion in 1987. Some of the documents bore Saddam’s signature, al-Faroon said…

“Any strike whether it was by special ammunition — chemical as (the prosecutor) interpreted or conventional — and (claims) by any military or civil official who said Saddam Hussein ordered us to do so, I take the responsibility with honor, whether the order came from me or not,” Saddam told the court.

He admitted that he was not tolerant of “dissidents,” including Kurdish rebels, but insisted that he did not target women and children.