All kinds of rumors floating around. Bad news for Hillary, if so. Warner’s the only serious rival she has as the centrist alternative to Obama and John “Great Society” Edwards. Although if he comes back in and runs to her right, it makes her look a bit more liberal by comparison. That’ll help her in the primaries, not so much in the general election.

His big, and really only, problem is name recognition. If he can get his Q score up, he’d be serious trouble. In fact, a Warner/Obama ticket would probably be the most threatening one we could face. It’d have the same advantages as an Edwards/Obama ticket — looks, youth, racial and regional diversity — with the added advantage of a centrist at the top to balance out the big O’s hard left voting record. Plus, aside from the “scandal” over Obama’s land deal, which isn’t going anywhere, neither one of them has a single significant knock against them.


Too early to worry, but if this does start to come together — worry.

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