And you know what happens to people who do that.

Chairman of the Hamas faction in parliament Khalil al-Haya, told a crowd of tens of thousands at a Hamas rally in Gaza Friday that “(Palestinian President Mahmoud) Abbas has declared war on Allah and on the will of the Palestinian people.”…

Al-Haya … referred to Abbas’ anticipated speech Saturday: “We will fight with force for the voter’s choice against those who want to bring about a coup.”

Abbas’ speech has caused much turmoil in the PA, as the president is expected to announce the dismissal of the government, and holding a referendum or early elections.

It’s not just the speech. Pali PM Ismail Haniyeh nearly got whacked while crossing over from Egypt into Gaza last night after his Hamas guards exchanged fire with the Fatah border patrol. Israel had refused to readmit him because he was carrying more than $30 million in cash; his coterie got impatient and stormed the checkpoint, leading to a “ferocious battle” with the Fatah guard. Eventually he was allowed to pass and as his convoy sped away, the Fatah contingent raked it with gunfire. One of his bodyguards was killed and his son was wounded. Hamas claimed later that Mohammed Dahlan, a top Pali official who was present at the crossing, had planned the hit and promised to “even the score.” For the time being, though, they want Abbas to pull Fatah’s border guards out of the checkpoint, which would make it easier to smuggle money into Gaza.

As for the $30 mil, it was left in Egypt. But its significance won’t be lost on the Saudis, who are surely factoring Iran’s growing influence in Gaza into their assessments about the Shiite threat from Iraq.

The most important point about Haniyeh’s fund-raising trip abroad was that he made it clear to the Palestinians and the international community that Hamas is allying itself with the Damascus/Tehran axis and against pro-Western regional players such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, said Dr. Reuven Erlich, director of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center near Tel Aviv…

“Iran is becoming a strategic threat and Hamas and Hizballah are tools in the hands of Iran,” said Ehrlich. “Hamas is becoming a regional threat by joining the Syria-Iranian axis.”

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal is based in Damascus.

Meanwhile, 32 people were wounded today in gunfights in Gaza City and Ramallah; a senior Pali intel officer was kidnapped by the jihadi Popular Resistance Front; and Hamas gunmen have barricaded themselves inside a mosque and are shooting at Pali security forces. Statehood beckons!