Incredibly, according to the LA Times, 40% of the public still doesn’t know enough about him to rate him favorably or not. Some, as you’ll see, don’t know enough to distinguish him from Bin Laden.

Looks like the media’s going to have ratchet up the coverage from 23 hours a day to the full 24.

Among those who do know of him, his favorability/unfavorability is 54-5. No other serious candidate approaches that — except for America’s mayor, who’s running at 86-8. (Condi is at 84-9, but she’s not serious.) Rudy will come back to earth as more people get to know him, though; Obama, maybe not so much. Plus, the same poll finds that John McCain would destroy Hillary, 50-36. Those numbers will come back to earth too, but they’ve surely got people on the left wondering how risky it would really be to roll the dice on the big O.

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Meanwhile, the “Draft Obama” movement has already gotten the ball rolling. Here’s the first ad, which will be playing next week in the Granite State. Thanks to RightWinged for the tip.

Update: Didn’t I say morons?

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