But … World Net Daily said it would. Whom to believe?

Can the vaunted “gay lobby” have infiltrated the sacred precincts of SciAm?

Phytoestrogens are estrogen mimics. BUT – get this – they are actually less effective than regular estrogens when they hit estrogen receptors on your cells. That’s right – these substances, far from juicing you up with lady-hormones, might actually block the effects of estrogen, which as we all know is a good and important thing if you’re a man, since John Wayne is dead and it’s on us to pick up the slack. (Riiiight.)

Anyway no one’s ever shown that soy is biologically active in the amounts a normal human can consume in a day. Plus, there are billions of asians who are eating way more of it than most westerners every day, and you don’t see them mincing about town in spotless waistcoats like Oscar Wilde now do you?