He decided the president wasn’t doing enough to reach out to the enemy, so he took the initiative. At the precise moment, no less, when Lebanon is on the brink of civil war thanks to the man sitting across from him.



Senator Bill Nelson, a member of the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees, met with Assad after the State Department said that it disapproved of his trip…

Assad “clearly indicated a willingness to cooperate” in controlling its border with Iraq, Nelson told reporters in a conference call following the meeting with Assad. The U.S. says foreign fighters often enter Iraq across that boundary.

Nelson said he reported the information to embassy officials and will brief his congressional committees on the trip. He said he expects Senators John Kerry, Christopher Dodd and Arlen Specter to also visit Syria.

The White House said it does not encourage members of Congress to travel to Syria.

“We don’t think that members of Congress ought to be going there,” White House press secretary Tony Snow said, adding that the United States continues to denounce Syria’s meddling in Lebanon and its ties to terrorist groups.

Same guy, 2004:


We can’t retaliate when they’re back in the White House, either. Not only would it hurt America, but it’s literally impossible — there’s no one they won’t talk to once they have the chance so there’s no way to double-cross them.

Charles makes a good point. Has the burden of proof on those Hamas allegations just shifted?